How long does it take to crack BitLocker? (2024)

How long does it take to crack BitLocker password?

Assuming we could somehow process 500 trillion passwords an hour (which would be 3,623 times more than the ~138 billion passwords per hour capability of a desktop computer in 2008 under 10% load), it would still take us ~7.7 x 10^19 years to brute force crack this 48 character numerical recovery password.

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How much time will it take to decrypt BitLocker?

Disabling BitLocker

NOTE: Decryption can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the amount of data that has been encrypted, the speed of the computer, and whether the process is interrupted by the computer being powered off or going to sleep.

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Is it possible to crack BitLocker?

The answer is No. BitLocker drive encryption is a full-disk encryption method. Even if you formatted the drive and the encryption is removed, the erased data is still encrypted and needs a password to be decrypted; otherwise, the data you restored is just unintelligible text.

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How long BitLocker takes?

How long will the encryption take? The length of time will depend on the size and speed of the hard drive in your computer. In our testing, the process has taken anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours.

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Why BitLocker takes so long?

Because BitLocker operates at the sector level, you'll only need to encrypt your backup destination once. However, because the entire encryption process takes place up front, the time it takes can very depending on a lot of factors.
So how long will encryption take?
New disk1-5 minutes
2 TB / 1.5 TB used50 hours
1 more row

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How can I decrypt BitLocker faster?

To get a 5x speed boost on encrypting your full drive in Windows 10:
  1. Enable Bitlocker in the running OS, but pause the encryption once it's in progress.
  2. Create a recovery disk, boot it up, go to command line.
  3. Resume encryption of the drive using "manage-bde -resume" while in the recovery environment.
Jan 8, 2016

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Can I shut down my PC while BitLocker is decrypting?

What happens if the computer is turned off during encryption or decryption? If the computer is turned off or goes into hibernation, the BitLocker encryption and decryption process will resume where it stopped the next time Windows starts. This is true even if the power is suddenly unavailable.

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How long does it take to decrypt a laptop?

Usually, it takes several hours on encryption or decryption, but it is based on the size of your hard drive and computer performance.

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Can BitLocker be decrypted?

Computers encrypted with BitLocker cannot be decrypted automatically. Decryption can be carried out using either the BitLocker Drive Encryption item in the Control Panel or the Microsoft command-line tool "manage-bde".

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Can FBI unlock BitLocker?

A password to a computer containing incriminating information is treated as testimony so generally, no, they cannot force you to hand over a password.

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How strong is BitLocker?

The thing is, while BitLocker is nearly a 100% effective solution for protecting the bare drive, it might not be as secure if the intruder has access to the entire computer with the hard drive installed. Even if your computer is equipped with a TPM2.

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How do I get past BitLocker?

Missing BitLocker Recovery Key Resolved!! - YouTube

How long does it take to crack BitLocker? (2024)
Is BitLocker worth?

Bitlocker is a volume encryption feature and this protects your data by encryption in case your physical disk or computer is lost (especially for laptops). It does not impact performance too in modern computers. Thus, I would recommend turning on BitLocker.

How much of a performance hit is BitLocker?

The answer of the first question is pretty straightforward. It has little to no impact on CPU performance. While encrypting my disk, I had a look at Task Manager and found that the CPU usage never became higher than 2% thanks to the hardware-implemented AES-NI instructions of most of the modern CPUs.

Can I use my computer while BitLocker is encrypting?

Yes you can still continue to work while BitLocker encrypts in the background.

How many numbers is a BitLocker PIN?

This is a 32-digit code that BitLocker will display if you forget your PIN or password.

Can you restart laptop while BitLocker is encrypting?

Short of a power outage , the computer will resume the encryption process. If it weren't the entire disk would be toast after a controlled shutdown.

Will BitLocker erase my data?

Volumes encrypted with FileVault 2 or BitLocker can be securely erased without the need to write zeros throughout the entire disk. Software used to securely erase data.

Can BitLocker be brute forced?

BitLocker Device Protection does NOT employ user-selectable passwords, and CANNOT be broken into by brute forcing anything.

How do I check my BitLocker decryption status?

Checking BitLocker Status (Command Line)

Press and hold the Windows button on the keyboard and R, type "cmd" and press Enter. Right-click Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator." In command prompt, type "manage-bde -status" and press Enter. View the status of BitLocker on the drives in the computer.

Can we break BitLocker password?

BitLocker volumes may be protected with one or more protectors such as the hardware-bound TPM, user-selectable password, USB key, or combination thereof. Attacking the password is only possible in one of these cases, while other protectors require a very different set of attacks.

Can the police bypass BitLocker?

Passware claims that full disk encryption was a major problem for investigators and that its tool helps police, law enforcement, and private investigators bypass BitLocker encryption for seized computers.

Can police force you to decrypt?

161, Items 12 and 28 grant police with a magistrate's order the wide-ranging power to require "a specified person to provide any information or assistance that is reasonable and necessary to allow the officer to "access computer data that is "evidential material"; this is understood to include mandatory decryption.

Can you hack an encrypted hard drive?

Encrypted data can be hacked or decrypted with enough time and computing resources, revealing the original content. Hackers prefer to steal encryption keys or intercept data before encryption or after decryption. The most common way to hack encrypted data is to add an encryption layer using an attacker's key.

What is better than BitLocker?

Top Microsoft BitLocker Alternatives
  • Harmony Endpoint.
  • McAfee Complete Data Protection.
  • Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption.
  • Dell Data Protection.
  • Symantec Drive Encryption.
  • Sophos SafeGuard.
  • Digital Guardian.

What is the disadvantage of BitLocker?

There is some slowness of the computer with the encrypting/decrypting part of the software. This part can also take a long time to complete, depending on the size of the hard disk. It is very important that the recovery key is never lost, or else the user may never be able to unlock their drive.

How much does BitLocker cost?

Only Windows Professional Includes BitLocker, and It Costs $100. The BitLocker feature has been part of the Professional edition of Windows ever since it was introduced with Windows Vista. Typical PCs you buy come with Windows 10 Home, and Microsoft charges $99.99 to upgrade to Windows 10 Professional.

Where is the lost 48 digit BitLocker recovery key?

In your Microsoft account: Sign in to your Microsoft account on another device to find your recovery key. This is the most likely place to find your recovery key. You can use the link above, or just go to

How do I find my BitLocker password?

Right-click the computer object, and then click Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the BitLocker Recovery tab to view the BitLocker recovery passwords that are associated with the computer.

Can I trust BitLocker?

In general, Bitlocker is secure and is used by companies all over the world. You can't just extract keys out of the TPM hardware. Evil maid attacks are mitigated also since TPM will validate the pre-boot components to make sure that nothing has been tampered with.

Does BitLocker affect gaming?

Bitlocker is not something that actively runs all the time. It is an encryption that is unlocked at startup either by a password/token or the local TPM. So after you boot it is not doing anything and will not affect performance.

Why do companies use BitLocker?

The primary reason you want to use BitLocker and BitLocker to go on the computers in your organization is to minimize the chance that useful data can be recovered from lost storage devices by a third party.

How long would it take to brute force a 6 character password?

A seven-character complex password could be cracked in 31 seconds, while one with six or fewer characters could be cracked instantly. Shorter passwords with only one or two character types, such as only numbers or lowercase letters, or only numbers and letters, would take just minutes to crack.

What if I forgot my BitLocker password?

If you forget your password, look for the recovery key ID in the BitLocker Encryption Options Control Panel application. Select Unlock Drive and then click I cannot remember my password. The BitLocker Encryption Options application will then display a recovery key ID that you provide to Help Desk.

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