Is seer worth it after Nerf? (2024)

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Is Seer good apex after Nerf?

It was the first thing Respawn nerfed once Seer dropped in Apex Legends Season 10, but it's still one of the most powerful tools in the game to this day. It's effectively a no cooldown scan with nearly 100% accuracy on an enemy's position.

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Is Seer a good legend 2022?

Apex Legends has no shortage of characters to play, but if you're looking for a powerful recon legend, you won't need to look much further than Seer. This legend is ideally suited to scouting and tracking, and unlike Valkyrie and Bloodhound, Seer is better equipped for the latter than the former.

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Did Seer get Nerf?

An Apex Legends dev has confirmed Seer will be receiving nerfs in the near future, reassuring fans that his “time is coming”.

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Is Seer overpowered apex?

As Seer was released in an overpowered state back in Season 10, a set of hard nerfs that followed shortly after left him with one of the lowest pick rates on the entire Apex Legends roster.

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Why is Seer pick rate so low?

Pick rates for Apex Legends Season 10 addition Seer have quite literally fallen off a cliff – thanks to the hefty nerf Respawn handed the Ambush Artist. Despite only being added at the beginning of Season 10 – which started on August 3 – Seer quickly came to dominate the Apex Legends landscape.

Will Seer get an heirloom?

And those who still play Seer have something in store for them later in Season 15: an heirloom.

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What godly is Seer worth?

MM2 Value List for Godlys
Seer10x T1 Legendary Crafting
Ginger Luger125
78 more rows
13 Nov 2022

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Is Seer top tier?

Seer. The newest character in season 10, Seer is a strong contender for the title of Apex best legend for scouting and reconnaissance. On the one hand, his powerful revealing abilities enable you to find enemies, no matter where they're hiding. On the other hand, mastering these abilities takes much skill.

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What tier is Seer?

Why is Seer B-Tier? He's another tricky Legend to use properly, but if you have to fight Seer in a confined indoor location, it can be quite hard to catch him unawares, because he can use any one of his abilities to gain a decent idea of where you are.

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Who is the best Seer player?

#Player nameBR Kills
#1Forget Dat90,311
#2Darling dance53,025
21 more rows

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What is Seer real name Apex?

Who is Seer in Apex Legends Season 10? Seer was born by the name of Obi Edolasim on the planet of Boreas and was immediately foretold as a cursed child that would bring pain and suffering to the world. And, true to this prophecy, a meteor struck a moon on his planet the night he was born.

Does Seer still stop healing?

Apex Legends' new patch nerfs Seer, but he still won't let you heal.

Is seer worth it after Nerf? (2024)
Why is Seer so popular?

We have to start with Seer's kit, which is what makes him such a useful character. His best ability is his Passive, which lets him see the location of opponents within a certain radius. It's an approximation rather than a proper wallhack like Bloodhound, but it shows you the direction of your opponents at all times.

Is Seer a meta?

Despite receiving a set of heavy nerfs shortly after his release, Seer has slowly climbed back into the meta over the last few seasons. While a lot of pros were skeptical at first and chose to run Bloodhound as their scan Legend, it's now widely accepted that the Ambush Artist is the better choice.

Who can counter Seer?

Bloodhound. Ironically, the best counter to Seer is a fellow recon and one of the first recon legends in the game. According to the game's director, Chad Grenier, Seer is a more stealthy version of Bloodhound. He prefers to lie in wait for enemies to come to him.

Who is the most used legend in Apex?

Most popular legends by rank
16 more rows

What legend has the most wins in Apex?

All Platforms Season 15 Wins Leaderboard Last updated: 22 minutes ago
RankPlayerSeason 15 Wins
3Shard FB836
4Zip Rolled U751
96 more rows

Can Seer detect revenant?

Of course, not all of the playable legends are human--Pathfinder is a MRVN and Revenant is a simulacrum--so a few of the characters in Apex Legends don't actually have hearts. Don't worry: Seer can sense them too.

Does Seer have a heart?

Seer has access to three abilities: Heart Seeker (Passive), Focus Of Attention (Tactical), and Exhibit (Ultimate).

How rare is an apex Heirloom?

According to the Apex Legends official FAQ, every Apex Pack has less than a 1% chance of dropping 150 Heirloom Shards. As of writing, this is currently the only way you can obtain Heirloom Shards.

Is Seer rare in MM2?

Out of the six painted seers, Chroma Seer is the most difficult to craft due to it being the rarest and having the slimmest chance of crafting.

How much is a Seer worth?

How much a company is worth is typically represented by its market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. Seer net worth as of December 07, 2022 is $0.42B.

Who is the best solo legend in Apex?

Overall, Bloodhound is still the best Legend in Apex Legends for the majority of players.

Is Seer better than Bloodhound?

Seer's ability to stop heals, revives and other abilities gives him a major one up over Bloodhound. Bloodhound edges out Seer when it comes to more casual play and lower ranks with their overall kit, but for ranked games Seer's kit gives him the competitive edge, especially if you're playing with a pre-made squad.

What playstyle is Seer?

Given his detection abilities, Seer remains best used from the rear - but his keen advantages on offense mean he also benefits from an aggressive playstyle. However, players should avoid using Seer to push as, unlike Revenant or Octane, he cannot close the gap fast enough and he has a glaring lack of escape mechanisms.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

They are cannon non-binary, but probably born a girl, but respect their pronouns :D.

Is crypto or Seer better?

Always prefer to play Crypto over Seer, because Seer has the same "I see your scan across the map" weakness BH has, a little worse since his tactical is smaller scale, and the third party is most likely attacking outside the ult.

Does Gibraltar revive faster?

Gibraltar revives allies 33% faster while inside his dome (6 seconds -> 4.5 seconds).

What age is Seer Apex?

Seer – 26 years old

Respawn Entertainment Seer is a great Recon legend. Obi “Seer” Edolasim is an ambush artist in the game.

Does Seer like pinball?

"I believe in art. And pinball. I love pinball." "I do not wait for inspiration; I take it."

How do you hide from Seer ULT?

The only way to hide inside of a Seer Ultimate is to stop moving or to crouch walk. Exhibit has a 30-second duration, so it's best used heading into a lengthy fight.

Is Seer a girl?

For the background of the subject in Apex Legends universe, see Seer (character).
Real NameObi Edolasim
11 more rows

Is Pathfinder a girl?

For the background of the subject in Apex Legends universe, see Pathfinder (character).
Real NameMRVN
Date of BirthFeb 04, 2658
14 more rows

Can Seer cancel lifeline res?

seer q is used to interrupt abilities but will not cancel a lifeline res? The nano bots are chill with lifelines bot. Nope.

Can Seer cancel lifeline?

Seer's tactical ability does not cancel lifeline's passive revive even though the ability is suppose to cancel any ability and healing/reviving.

Can Seer ULT be destroyed?

3. Take care placing Seer's Ultimate. Respawn Entertainment Seer's Ultimate ability is a device and can be destroyed.

What is fuse real name?

Walter Fitzroy Jr.

What is Seer's curse?

Respawn have introduced the origin story for their newest Apex Legends character, Seer in a new animated teaser. He's cursed with eyes that can destroy people who look into them.

Why does catalyst hate Seer?

The trailer explains this, revealing that Catalyst believes in Seer's "curse" and, like many of the planet's citizens, blames him for the damage done to Boreas and its moon, Cleo, when a catastrophic meteor shower occurred on the night of his birth.

Is purple Seer a godly?

Purple Seer is a godly knife that is obtainable by crafting a Random Painted Seer or through trading.

Is the Seer knife a godly?

Seer is a godly knife that is obtainable by crafting it or through trading.

Can Seer see health?

Seer is a recon character that debuted during Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence. He not only brings skins, but also a new array of new abilities to the battlefield, mainly involving the use of micro-drones to reveal enemies' footsteps and even how much health they have left.

How do I get good at Seer?

Seer Passive Tips

If you want to get the most out of Seer you should get into the habit of aiming-down-sights frequently to scan the area and report any heartbeats to your teammates. Heart Seeker identifies enemies by pulsing in 1.75-second intervals.

Who is Seer friends with?

He rubbed shoulders with two other competitors in Arenas: Rampart and Octane. He's friends with the Amped Modder, according to the “Not So Far from the Tree” loading screen, but the daredevil and Seer don't have the best relationship.

Is Seer better than Bloodhound apex?

Bloodhound's tactical ability is more forgiving and simply requires you to be facing the enemy within 75 meters. Seer's tactical needs more precise aim but the payoff is better since Focus of Attention interrupts channeled actions like healing, reviving and disables abilities like Gibraltar's Dome.

Is Seer s13 good?

Seer - While Seer is not as powerful as when he first launched, he is still an incredibly strong Legend when it comes to gathering information. While Seer and Bloodhound share many similarities in their kits, they operate on different scales.

Who has the most Seer kills apex?

This is for Tier 4 or above Patrons only (click here).
#Player nameBR Kills
#1Forget Dat90,311
21 more rows

What legend goes good with Seer?

Caustic. Caustic and Seer work well together for the same reason Bangalore and Seer do. All of Caustic's abilities revolve around his Nox gas, which obscures enemies' vision, damages them, and slows them.

What are the 3 best legends in Apex?

Apex Legends Character Tier List, Ranked – The Best Legends for Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support Play
  • S-Tier: Wraith, Bloodhound, Gibraltar.
  • A-Tier: Valkyrie, Loba, Seer, Lifeline.
  • B-Tier: Mirage, Horizon, Bangalore.
  • C-Tier: Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, Revenant.
  • D-Tier: Rampart, Crypto, Wattson, Fuse.

Who is number 1 Predator Apex right now?

TSM ImperialHal Hits Number 1 Predator on Apex Legends.

Is Crypto s tier Apex?

Why is Crypto C-Tier? Crypto's Drone is very difficult to use effectively, as you're effectively having to quickly switch between control of two characters: the Drone, and Crypto himself, to keep him out of harm and catch up with his teammates. This is his major downside.

What nationality is Seer Apex?

Seer's ethnicity is Igbo.

Does wattson counter Seer?

Thanks to his heartbeat sensor and AOE detection Ultimate, the Ambush Master is always aware of the location of nearby enemies. Well, a set of players have created a thread on the Apex Legends subreddit, showcasing that Wattson's Ultimate does not block or cancel any of Seer's abilities.

Who should I Main Apex?

The Legends you should consider maining if your playstyle is plotting, scheming, conniving and/or bamboozling are Caustic, Crypto, Loba, Mirage, Rampart, Revenant, Seer, and Wattson.

Can Seer see you if you don't move?

Seer Ultimate tips: Exhibit

It's worth remembering, however, that enemies that crouch-walk or don't move at all are invisible to Exhibit's sensors. The same is true of enemies in the air.

What is Seer cursed with?

Respawn have introduced the origin story for their newest Apex Legends character, Seer in a new animated teaser. He's cursed with eyes that can destroy people who look into them.

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