What is eBay Motors and how does it work? (2023)

What is the difference between eBay and eBay Motors?

eBay Motors (www.ebay.com/motors), a part of eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY), one of the world's largest marketplaces for buying and selling all things automotive. The site offers everyday cars for everyday drivers, as well as collector cars, motorcycles, auto parts and accessories.

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Who pays for shipping on eBay Motors?

As a result, most eBay Motors buyers pay transportation companies to ship their vehicle purchases to them. In fact, shipping companies like Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) – which offers online shipping quotes through eBay Motors – deliver thousands of cars and trucks every month.

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Can I trust eBay motors?

While eBay Motors is a safe place to purchase a vehicle, it is a good idea to perform research on both the car and the seller. This can be challenging if you don't know how to get started. The good news is, they do most of the work for you.

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How do I know if I am being scammed on eBay motors?

The biggest red flags to look out for is if they want you to pay for anything with a wire transfer or gift cards. Those forms of payment are essentially untraceable so scammers can run off and you'd have no way of finding them. Any transaction should be made through eBay.

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Can someone send you a car through eBay?

eBay has no warehouse and does not ship vehicles. eBay does not handle such transactions or provide "vehicle protection orders". Scammers often promise those things, though. Any phone number you may receive on such an "invoice" does not connect to eBay, but to the scammer.

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How do I pay for a car on eBay Motors?

To successfully pay for your vehicle on eBay Motors, you'll have to use PayPal and eBay's financing center. Most sellers require a deposit upon winning an auction and the remaining balance to be paid within a set amount of time.

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Can you get a car delivered from eBay?

No, eBay does not ship cars. The buyer is typically responsible for shipping the vehicle. Occasionally, eBay dealerships may offer free shipping. It is important to note that if a private seller states they provide free shipping, they are most likely attempting to scam you.

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How can I avoid getting scammed on eBay motors?

To avoid getting scammed out of thousands of dollars on eBay motors, never send a payment for a vehicle via wire transfers or gift cards. Stick to secure in-person payment methods, such as cash, a cashier's check, or a personal check.

How much does eBay motors charge to deliver?

According to uShip, the average cost to ship a vehicle can range anywhere from $500 to$1500, depending on gas prices at the time and the distance the car is going. Their website states, “Car hauling rates also fluctuate based on seasonality and demand as well.”

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Will eBay refund me if I get scammed?

eBay Money Back Guarantee covers most transactions on eBay. It means buyers can get their money back if an item didn't arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn't match the listing.

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How does buying a vehicle through eBay work?

Buying a new vehicle on eBay Motors
  1. select the make and model you want.
  2. choose whatever options you'd like.
  3. secure a low, no-haggle price for the vehicle you want.
  4. select a local dealer to buy the vehicle from.
  5. contact the dealer to arrange pickup and payment details.

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Can you get scammed thru eBay?

eBay is full of listings for legitimate high-quality items. But scammers also list fraudulent or fake goods and try to get you to pay full price for them. The listings will often state that the item is authentic and include photos (stolen or faked) that will lead you to believe you're purchasing the real thing.

What is eBay Motors and how does it work? (2023)
Is eBay a good place to buy cars?

Should you buy a car on eBay? If the price is right, if the buyer is reputable, and if the car passes inspection, than the answer is yes. However, if you find a deal that's too good to be true offered by a seller that seems a little suspicious, pass. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Does eBay have a holding facility for cars?

eBay has no warehouse and does not ship vehicles.

Do people buy cars on eBay Motors?

If you're not an avid eBay user, you've probably thought of the site only as a marketplace to buy and sell collectible baseball cards, vintage clothes, and other random knickknacks, but its automotive section, eBay Motors, is a major destination for buying cars with more than five million vehicles sold to date.

Does eBay Motors still exist?

eBay Motors is where you will find new and used vehicles as well as parts for fixing, updating, or maintaining your existing vehicle. eBay Motors is easy to navigate by vehicle type, category of items, sales and events, or brand and type of car, motorcycle, pickup, or SUV.

Can you buy a car from eBay motors?

You can search for cars by make, model year, color, transmission type and distance from you or price range, and many more. If you're not certain which car you're searching for, eBay Motors has categories such as Classics, Exotics, SUVs, Electrics, Hybrids, Minivans, and Sedans that can help you make an informed choice.

What percentage does eBay motors charge?

The FVF depends on the listing category. For eBay Motors Parts & Accessories and Automobile Tools & Supplies categories, the FVF is 12.55%. There are also additional fees to take into account.

How can I avoid getting scammed on eBay motors?

To avoid getting scammed out of thousands of dollars on eBay motors, never send a payment for a vehicle via wire transfers or gift cards. Stick to secure in-person payment methods, such as cash, a cashier's check, or a personal check.

How do you buy something through eBay Motors?

There are a few different ways to buy a car on eBay. First, you can place a bid during an auction. Enter your maximum bid into the box at the bottom of the listing and click "Place Bid". eBay will then automatically bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount you input if there are competing bidders.

Can I return a car on eBay?

If a Seller claims the purchase is covered by an eBay vehicle protection or eBay warranty program and/or there is a return policy, such as: eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection or VPP (see example) eBay Money Back Guarantee or eMBG (see example) You are entitled to a refund if are unsatisfied with the vehicle (see example)

How much does it cost to ship a car on eBay Motors?

Each location is different and prices could vary drastically. However, to give you a general idea, eBay car shipping normally it will cost about $0.55 a mile for a state to state transport, or as low as $0.40 for cross country shipping. That is the national average but will vary from area to area.

What forms of payment does eBay Motors accept?

What is the policy?
  • PayPal.
  • PayPal Credit.
  • Credit card or debit card.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Spendable funds.
  • Payment upon pickup.
  • eBay gift card or eBay voucher or eBay Bucks.

How much does eBay take from a sale 2022?

Starting on March 1, 2022, final value fees for Store sellers will increase 0.3% in most categories. For example, sellers with a Basic and above eBay Store who sell in the Home & Garden category will see an increase from 11.7% to 12.0%, a difference of 0.3%.

How much does eBay take from a $300 sale?

If your item sells, eBay keeps a portion of the sale. This final value fee for most categories is 12.9% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30 per order.

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